First impressions do count, especially when you’re selling your house.  Your home’s curb appeal should help draw in potential buyers and create excitement about what’s inside.  Fortunately, you can amp up your home’s curb appeal with several easy and inexpensive updates.


1. The Door

Your front door should be your starting point since any and all potential buyers will walk through this threshold into your home.  

A fresh coat of paint (or stain) will work wonders in making your front door appear clean and updated.  You might consider painting your door a different color than its current hue to change up the look.  Homes in your neighborhood and Pinterest should give you plenty of inspiration as to what color might look best with the materials (stone, brick, siding) surrounding your front door.    

Also, top off the freshly painted door with a wreath or some other décor.  Doing so will provide a finishing touch.  

Finally, roll out a new doormat.  This will complete your doorway.


2. The Porch

Potted plants and flowers will make your porch come alive regardless the size of your porch.  Choose low-maintenance but high impact plants such as Majesty Palms and Kimberly Queen Ferns.  Prolific bloomers like impatiens or begonias can provide a pop of color.  Remember, less is more.  A couple of medium to large-sized pots will look far better than multiple small pots.  

As the seasons change, fill any pots left empty from summer plants and flowers with seasonal decor.  For instance, you can place a large pumpkin on an urn in the fall or display pine boughs and huge pinecones in the winter.  


3. The Extras

Updating your house numbers can boost curb appeal.  Check online sources for oversized numbers in cool-looking type fonts.  Be sure to place the new numbers where they stand out enough to be seen from the street day or night. 

Your porch light or other fixtures near your garage may look dated and easily could be replaced with current lighting styles.  Home improvement stores carry a wide selection of outdoor lighting that won’t break the budget.  Or, if your current fixtures look fine, break out some elbow grease to erase any dirt and make the glass shine.


4. The Landscaping

Look at your landscape with a critical eye.  Better yet, have a friend (or me as your real estate agent) come over and give you an unbiased assessment of your front yard.  Then, get busy.  Pull out weeds, remove anything that looks dead, trim overgrown bushes and clean up flower gardens.  

Top off your digging in the dirt with lots of fresh mulch to make landscaping borders look crisp and fresh.  Also, placing solar-powered lights into the landscaping will provide a soft glow at night should potential buyers drive by after the sun sets. 

Finally, you can spruce up the front yard by tucking in a bench with colorful pillows or adding in a couple Adirondack chairs.  While no one may ever sit in these seats, their appearance makes the outdoor space seem inviting.  An alternative, if rooms allows, would be to place the bench or chairs on your front porch instead of in the yard.



These suggestions should point you in the right direction for improving the curb appeal of your home.  All these ideas involve only a small investment and can be done on a do-it-yourself basis.  The payoff can be big in polishing your home’s curb appeal, so get going.