Fall is a great time to get some projects done around the house! And since many of us have all been home more than usually these days, you are likely to envision many ways that your home could use some updating and renovating. 

When it comes to bathrooms, the average mid-range full renovation investment is typically about $21,000. Luckily, homeowners can typically get about 65% of those costs back when they sell their home.* Here in the Raleigh / Wake Forest / Durham area, there are plenty of great contractors that we can happily refer you to who would do a wonderful job!!

However, if that investment seem too steep for you, if the to-do list seem like too much, here are a five ways to scale back when it comes to a bathroom renovation while still making an impact that you’ll be proud of:

1. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Do-It-Yourself

Homeowners can save around half of their total project budget by doing the labor themselves. That’s a huge savings if you are handy, want to put in the labor and create some memories along the way! Luckily, there are ways of saving some frustration by choosing simpler tile and keeping the same layout of a room that you have now vs moving electrical or plumbing – just to name a few! 

2. Tile

We mentioned tile above as a way to save on frustration if you choose to DIY your bathroom renovation, however it can save on overall costs as well. Detailed tile can get quite costly, even more so if you are going to tile you entire shower. Subway tile is a great timeless option and you can typically find it for less than $0.40 per tile. 

3. Choose a Shower Pan

Continuing the theme of showers, using a shower pan for the flooring of the shower vs a full tile floor will be both less expensive, and a quicker option if you are a DIYer. 

4. Time to Paint

Does your bathroom vanity need a refresh? Before you escape to your favorite store to buy a new one, get some paint and new hardware instead. You can completely transform a vanity with paint – bold or clean colors – and some new hardware for pulls and knobs. 

And the same goes for the walls! Use a color that works well with your newly painted vanity, and you are good to go!

5. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Want to change out your flooring in your bathroom? Vinyl plank flooring is a great cost-effective option, and has come a long way! Since it is now so widely popular, the cost and options fall into most budgets and designs. Did you know that it can be installed directly over ceramic tile? This is a huge savings, and will save your back! 


PRO TIP: Shop around

If you want to also swap our light fixtures, faucets and other accessories for a new and updated look, be sure to shop around! The cost savings from one store vs another can be quite eye-opening!


*According to Renovation Magazine.