Halloween in the Raleigh area is a fun, memory making experience for all as you venture out and trick or treat in our amazing local communities. Some opt to stay close to home and trick or treat in their own neighborhoods, while others living in smaller neighborhoods with less houses prefer to venture out to larger neighborhoods that have lots of houses and trick or treaters. Regardless of your preference, a safe trick or treat is the most fun trick or treat, and it’s important to review some safety tips before venturing out on Halloween night.

Check out these 5 safety tips to keep in mind as you trick or treat on Halloween:

1. Stay on the Sidewalk

It’s always best to walk on sidewalks when you’re out trick or treating. Some roads may not have sidewalks, so try to select roads within your community that offer a reasonable amount of space for you to walk on the side of the road within a safe distance from oncoming traffic.

2.  Wear a Well-Fitted Costume

Make sure your kids have a Halloween costume that fits them well.  Costumes should not be too long and should be free of hanging extra pieces, which can cause your child (or other trick or treaters) to trip or get caught up in something.  Also make sure that the costume does not interfere with one’s ability to see around them. Finish off the costume with some glow bracelets and necklaces, and carry flashlights to help you see and be seen during trick or treating hours.

3. Watch Out for Cars

It’s critical to ALWAYS watch out for cars!  Not all drivers watch out for trick or treaters on the road, and some may be distracted while driving. Keep a close watch on your children at all times and step to the side whenever you see a car coming.

4. Supervise Younger Children

Children who are under the age of 12 should be supervised by an adult during trick or treating. This will help avoid potential dangers so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable Halloween. Remind your children of these safety tips while you are out and about.

5. Monitor Candy Consumption During Trick or Treating

It is a good idea to inform your children about the potential for tainted candy and remind them that they should ALWAYS have an adult check their candy before they eat it.  Not only does this help prevent your child from consuming tainted candy, but it could also save a life in the event of any food allergies. When it’s dark out, it is especially hard to see exacty what is being consumed, hence they should always have an adult check first.   

As you and your family venture out this Halloween, remember these simple tips to help your family stay safe while you trick or treat.  We wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable Halloween!