While we seem to be reaching the end of the tunnel, the Covid-19 pandemic is still keeping many people at home to work. A designated work space can have a drastic impact on your motivation to work. Even if you are back in your office, it is still important to have a space in your home to work when you need to! Check out some of these ways to spruce up your home office!


Add Some Life 

Whether you are headed to your closest nursery to pick up a few plants, or headed to the home decor section of your local department store, adding some plants, real or not, can make your home office come to life. Adding some taller plants in the corners of your office can fill up those empty spaces. Adding a snake plant or aloe plant to your desk or shelves can really bring the whole design of your home office together! 


Bring in the Light

Let the sun shine through your windows and into your workspace! Natural light is the best motivator when it comes to working from home. It is important to make sure your office or designated work area is by a few windows. If your space is lacking windows, consider investing in a natural day light lamp, which is also perfect for when you are working late nights. 


Don’t Sacrifice your Comfort

Your comfort level is pivotal when it comes to constructing a home office. Invest in a better desk chair to help with back pain and posture. Since the pandemic started, many are also switching out their standard desks for treadmill and biking desks in an attempt to stay active while working. 


Designing is Important!

Having some much needed decor in your workspace is vital to the design of your office. Adding some art pieces, photographs of your friends and family, or a cool rug will leave your workspace feeling fresh and inspired. 


Find your Spot

Not all homeowners have the luxury of owning a house with a designated office space, but you don’t need your own room for an office. Corner desks are perfect to place by a window to work. They also don’t take up a lot of extra space. Placing a small desk by your bed is another great idea and is also a good way to add to the design of your bedroom!