The warmer months are approaching which means you can FINALLY start to get to work outside of your home! Looking for a place to start? Check out these 7 starting points to improve and polish up the exterior of your home!


Plant Plant Plant!

Not only does planting trees improve your curb appeal and the overall appearance of the exterior of your home, but it also reduces your energy costs! During the appraisal process, trees can be appraised anywhere from $1000-$10000 depending on the age of the tree and can also make up anywhere between 3%-15%  of your home’s overall value.


Polish Up Your Landscape!

Landscaping can seem like such a hassle sometimes, but it really makes all the difference when it comes to the look of the exterior of your home! You can invest in a local company that specializes in landscaping or make it your next project by planning out the florals and plants to be added, possibly a small pond, and MORE! Investing in landscaping can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. 


Cozy Up your Backyard!

This spring, it’s time to add that firepit you’ve always wanted to! For potential homebuyers, this could be a major attraction. It can increase your return on investment by over 50%! It is also a great way to add life into your background with family and friends on a cool summer or chilly fall night. 


Replace Your Siding!

When upgrading your siding, your ROI when selling will be anywhere from 80%-95%. Your recovery is almost guaranteed and it further enhances the exterior look of your home giving the extra polish it needs. 


Redo Your Front Door!

Just like your siding, replacing and/or repainting your front door not only gives your home the extra TLC it needs and deserves, but it also can increase your return on investment when selling by over 70%!


Enhance Your Garage Door!

A new garage door is an instant attraction when it comes to your curb appeal. During selling, your return on investment is almost 100%!