Adding a fun backsplash can really tie in the look and feel of your home together! Your backsplash doesn’t even have to be limited to your kitchen. It’s becoming more popular to implement a backsplash into your bathroom and washroom spaces as well! Check out some of these different backsplashes that you can incorporate into your home. 


Matching Backsplash and Countertop

Having your backsplash and countertop match with the same materials is perfect if you’re going for a modern or more contemporary look. The extension of the backsplash is great if you are wanting to incorporate open shelves into your kitchen!



This rustic backsplash looks great in any form! You can paint it whatever color you desire, sand it down, or leave it how it is! Using shiplap is simple, but effective. It allows you to be more creative in other areas of your house without worrying about designs and decor clashing!



Terrazzo is resin or concrete mixed with a variety of different stones such as glass, quartz, marble, etc. This type of backsplash adds some color to your home through the different stones mixed in! You can customize your terrazzo backsplash to have a variety of bigger rocks and smaller stones, or you can keep it simple and stick to the same size and type of stone!


Patterned Tile

Patterned tile is the more traditional of backsplashes, but it’s never wrong to keep with traditions! There are so many different colors and a variety of designs that you can choose from when entertaining the thought of utilizing patterned tile in your home. 


Marble or Quartz Slab

Selecting slab as your backsplash allows for a sleek finish in your home, whether it’s in your kitchen or any other living space! This is becoming more and more popular in home design as the years go on due to the effect it has on your home environment. 


Unique Materials

There are other more unique materials you can opt for deciding how you want your home to look.  Copper and tin aren’t usually materials you would think of using when it comes to interior design, but they really make a statement as a backsplash when paired with living spaces that are more simply designed. 



Wallpaper is making its way back into the interior design world! There is no way you can go wrong with selecting wallpaper as your choice of backsplash. With tons of different designs and colors, you are bound to find one you love. 


Brick Veneer

Brick Veneer is a great backsplash to go for when you are looking for something a bit more simple or traditional. Brick veneer is a lot thinner and easier to install. With adhesive, it can be installed on concrete, metal, wood or even directly over the drywall.