Selling your house in the winter may not seem like an ideal time to sell, but there are a ton of great benefits from doing so! From advantages ranging from low competition to less landscaping, there are a ton of ways that the winter months can assist you in selling! Here are some ways you can benefit from putting your home on the market this winter season. 


First off, there is not a lot of competition in the market when selling your home during the winter season. Most buyers tend to look at homes in the spring resulting in a spike in the number of listings; however, with not a lot of competitors in the winter season, your home has a chance to stand out! In relation to this, because there isn’t an overwhelming amount of listings, real estate workers are not as busy and are more available to work with you on selling your home! In the spring, real estate professionals seem to be on-the-go and you might struggle to find someone right away to help you sell your home in a timely manner. By selling in the winter, you will have a better chance of finding someone more accessible!


Winter time is usually an odd time to move for many reasons. Two main reasons being that it is during the holidays, and for those who have school aged children, you are right in the middle of the school year. There are a ton of motives for moving in the winter and a lot of the times it’s due to job relocation. A huge motive for people to relocate this time of year is so they can start working by the end of the first quarter, meaning they need to find a home to live in as quickly as possible. Due to some of these motives, buyers in the winter season tend to be more serious about finding a home compared to buyers in the spring. It’s important to always consider the buyer’s needs first and work on a strategy with your realtor on the best ways to make your house accessible for showings during the winter months. 


Throughout the past year, there also seems to be a trend in low interest rates and inventory when it comes to the market. The average house in the Charlotte area was on the market for 42 days and new listings are down under 20% every year. This, regardless of the season, can drive up the demand for the housing market and you could be the one to benefit! 


The cold winter months can have a drastic impact on the buyers decision when it comes to the physical look and feel of your home. You have the ability to design your home to be warm and cozy making the buyer feel more comfortable and your home seem more inviting. Turn on the fireplace, lay out some cozy blankets, and set your home at a comfortable temperature to illustrate what the buyers would be experiencing during the winter months if they were living in your home! Even though you might have to work a little harder on the inside of your home, there is not as much work to be done on the outside. Due to the harsh weather and temperatures that come with the winter season, the most you will have to do is rake your leaves, sweep your deck, and shovel your driveway and front porch in the event of a snow day. Even though there is not a ton of gardening that can be done, it’s important to keep your front lawn and porch in tip-top shape. It’s also never a bad idea to add some simple decor. Placing out a wreath, adding some winter plants such as a pansies, violets or snowdrop, or even going as far as repainting the front door to add a pop of color can really help your house stand out against others on the market!