Cranberries typically become more abundant during the fall and winter since this super fruit is associated with the holidays. There’s no better time to grab a package or two of fresh cranberries and delve into all the creative ways you can cook and bake with them.

Did you know that cranberries freeze well? They totally do, so grab some extra packages of these bright little red fruits and stash some away for a few months down the road!

Naturally low in sugar but high in acidity, these little ruby jewels of fruit are deliciously tart. This tartness makes them a versatile fruit that works well in sweet as well as savory dishes.

High in antioxidants, this super fruit is not only delicious but is healthy for you, as well. They’ve been shown to boost your immune system and aid in digestion.

With all the good things there are to say about cranberries, no doubt you’ll want to make some deliciousness with these berries. Here’s some inspiration to get you started. All of these recipes use fresh cranberries, so do try these and enjoy!

This yeasty bread coupled with the tart burst of cranberries and brie cheese is not only visually appealing but fragrantly tantalizing as well. Add in rosemary for a herbal note and this seasonal bread is a must-make for your holiday table. Is an easy bread to make although it requires a few stopping points for the dough to rise. You’ll forget all about that lag time though once it’s in the oven and you smell this heavenly bread!
Cranberry Brie Focaccia Bread by How Sweet Eats

For a slightly different take on cranberry sauce, make this cranberry relish. It’s a no-cook effort that uses a high spend blender to blitz fresh cranberries, orange juice, oranges. Leave it sugar free or add in your favorite sweetener. It’s a tart explosion of flavor that’s almost addicting! Make it a day ahead so that the flavors have time to develop.
Cranberry Orange Relish by Zesty Olive

This recipe is an outrageously tasty side dish to serve for the holidays. It combines roasted cubed butternut squash and fresh roasted cranberries that get drizzled with olive oil and seasonings. Before serving, add a drizzle of honey and crumbled feta cheese. It’s a simple but delicious fall-inspired dish.
Honey Roasted Butternut Squash With Cranberries And Feta by Peas And Crayons

Fresh cranberries are the perfect counterpoint to this pecan coffee cake with its rich sour cream batter. The fresh cranberries are added on top of the batter and covered with a buttery brown sugar and pecan streusel. The cranberries pop as they bake giving this cake a merry and bright topping. Drizzle it all with a sweet vanilla sauce and serve for brunch or dessert.
Cranberry Pecan Coffee Cake by Lemon Tree Dwelling

Start those brisk mornings off right with this healthy smoothie that will surely wake you up! Just blend frozen cranberries, almond or coconut milk, an orange, banana and a little maple syrup in a high speed blender. This favor combo is fabulous and it’s perfect for the holidays and beyond!
Orange Cranberry Smoothie by Happy Foods Tube

Skip the whole turkey in the oven and try this simple but scrumptious way to enjoy turkey and cranberries this holiday season. Turkey breast with the skin on, freshly made cranberry sauce plus a few veggies and seasoning all get cooked to tender perfection. There’s also an option to make this feast in your slow cooker. Awesome!
Turkey Breast With Saucy Cranberry Sauce by Jo Cooks