Finding a home is one thing, but searching for a home when you’re a pet owner is a slightly different ball game. There are a few different variables to consider for your furry friends when you’re house hunting. If you’re looking for help, check out this blog on a home buyers guide for pet parents!


The Home’s Interior

Two big things to keep in mind when searching for a home that fits both you and your pets is the flooring and space. Hardwood floors, especially in the downstairs area, seem to be the more practical fit especially if you have younger pets. It’s easier to clean up dirt and grime tracked in from outside or unwarranted bathroom accidents. If you allow your pets to go upstairs, the amount of stairs in the home is also a factor to consider when looking for a home. If you have an older pet or intend to adopt more pets into your family, stairs can become a danger for them the older they get. 

The Home’s Exterior

A home’s exterior for your furry friend is probably one of the most important parts of your home. The landscape is extremely important for those curious pets who eat everything they see. Before letting them roam as they please, check your landscape to make sure there are so poisonous plants growing throughout the yard. It may be best to have someone come out and check to make sure they are permanently taken care of. A fenced in yard is something that is also very important. You can have some piece of mind when letting your furry friends out to play. If you purchase a house with no fence and your HOA approves, you can expect to spend anywhere between $1,600 and $4,000 on installation. 


The Neighborhood

The structure of your neighborhood is a very important factor to consider. Are there sidewalks for you to safely walk your pets? Is there a ton of stray animals and wildlife that could be potential conflicts? Many times people go and walk their potential new neighborhood with their pet to see if it is a good fit before deciding on a home. 


Move-in Day

On move-in day, a lot of professionals suggest unpacking your pet last. That way when you bring your furry friend to their new home, the layout is different but all the furnishings and smells that are familiar to them are there. Having some new training tricks up your sleeve, especially for potty training, is also important when getting them used to the layout of the home.