Trends come and go with each season! As we are approaching the end of summer and the beginning of fall, we are seeing even more trends emerge! Check out some of these home improvements you can utilize in your home to keep up with this new season of trends!


The kitchen is a very popular area in your home to constantly add or take away things. You can improve your kitchen by purchasing new kitchen appliances and hardware, painting your cabinets a fun new color, shaking it up with new cabinets and cabinet handles, and more! This is the perfect opportunity to liven up this shared space for everyone who steps into your home to enjoy!


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of exterior work done on a home has increased. Window and siding replacement was a huge demand this past year. Along with that, deck improvements are also starting to slowly pick back up. Adding some new deck furniture, our outdoor plants to your deck is a must. Re-staining your deck or stepping out and painting it a new color is also a home improvement trend to hop on when thinking about how you can clean up the look of the exterior of your home. Wood decks are very much “in” right now and are also a great way to shake things up around your home!


Another great indoor home improvement project to take on is the bathroom! When working on the bathroom, just like the kitchen you can change small details for big results such as repainting the walls, changing out the cabinet knobs, adding in some new mirrors and more!