Latest trends of home layout and composition change from year to year. With new trends emerging in 2021 you’re bound to find something to add into your home. Check out some of the latest trends to add to your blueprints when constructing your new home!!


Brighten Your Kitchen

Quartz is the new granite when it comes to designing your kitchen!! This year’s home trend for the kitchen is making it as modern or rustic as possible. White cabinets are all the rage and really open up your kitchen! Other elements that are extremely popular are wood based furnishing and design such as wooden cabinets, wood shelving, wood beams, and more!! 


A Classy Bathroom

A wildly popular home element that has become heavily requested is a slim freestanding tub. Having a freestanding tub adds an elegant and classy look to your home. This also helps open up space for a LARGER walk in shower!! Adding this element into your bathroom when designing and constructing your home can really help open up your bathroom to make it seem more spacious.


Outdoor Living

A comfy-cozy outdoor living space is perfect for fresh summer nights, or cool fall and spring mornings. This is a good extra living space to utilize when thinking about gathering with friends and family or simply just having another place in the house to sit and relax. Something new being introduced to an outdoor living space is the addition of a kitchen. Having folding or sliding glass doors is also a huge request when it comes to your outdoor living space. 


Ditch Traditional!

There is nothing wrong with a few traditional living spaces, but over the years we have seen more and more people design and request more multipurpose spaces. For example, having a bonus room for entertainment for the kids, friends and family while also utilizing it as a guest room. 


Light Wooden Floors

Light wooden floors are the way to go when you want your home to give off a refreshing feel. Wooden floors with a glossy finish are fading away and now we are seeing floors with a matte finish rising to the top. On top of giving a natural look, wooden floors are A LOT easier to clean and give some peace of mind when unwanted spills happen!