If you’ve been wanting to make some improvements throughout your home, but you feel like you don’t have the time to commit, check out some of these weekend home improvement projects you can take on!


Construct a Raised Flower Bed

A great home improvement project as well as a great way to spend some time in the sun is building a raised flower garden. Not only does this add some life and character to your yard, but it also gives your yard some dimension by breaking up the flat landscape. 


Go Vinyl

With the creation of peel and stick vinyl, re-doing your floors has become a lot easier then before. Today, there are so many different designs to choose from to either give your home a classic look, or to go for a more unique look that fits your personal style. 


Freshen Up Your Trim

The small details are really what ties everything together. Taking the weekend to clean and repaint your trim and molding will have your living spaces looking as good as new or if you’re in the market for a change, try repainting using a different color. 


Update Your Front Porch

Updating your front porch doesn’t mean you need to make major changes. Little things such as freshening up your door, replacing hooks, hinges, doorknobs, and adjusting all of the minor details can help give your outdoor space. You can also go as far as choosing a new color for your front porch to liven it up and make your outdoor living space pop. 


Liven Up Your Kitchen

A fun DIY project to indulge in during a weekend of home improvements is to install your own hanging pot rack. All you need are s-hooks, vinyl gutter, and conduit pipes to give you a product that looks like a high-end design. 


Refurbish Your Entryway

Besides your front porch, it’s always a good idea to think of your front entry-way as a first impression of your home to anyone who walks in. Adding some decor, decluttering, or adding statement colors are all great ways to refurbish and freshen up your entryway. 


Install A New Medicine Cabinet

Sometimes your cabinets can just become too cluttered and re-organizing just seems like more of a hassle when you know it will just become cluttered again. Hanging a surface mount cabinet on the wall not only adds a sense of design, but will free up space and give you more room for storage. 


Heat It Up

Building your own firepit in your backyard is the perfect weekend home improvement project to enjoy the summer and fall nights with your friends and family. While taking on this project, just make sure that you have the space to do it and that it is far enough away from your house and loose tree limbs.