Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were itching to escape indoors. With nowhere to go and with more time on our hands, soon came the birth of a few new outdoor living trends. Check out how you can redesign your outdoor living space!


Add Some Heat

Enjoy your outdoor space all year long by adding a fireplace or an outdoor heater! Installing one is an investment worth making and can cost up to $300. This ensures that the parties can go on all year long!


Patio and Porch

Having a porch paired along with a patio is a popular request for up to 50% of homeowners! This is something that might be worth saving for especially if you feel like you are currently living in your forever home. To install a porch it can cost up to $20,000 and to install a patio it can cost up to $50,000


Outdoor Cooking

Not only can you enjoy your meals outside, but you can also enjoy the process of cooking them as well! Homeowners usually spend about $13,000 when installing an outdoor kitchen, but when it comes time to selling, it usually ends up benefiting you in the long run. 


New Doors

Folding and sliding doors offer a different feel to the home. These doors are becoming increasingly more popular and make for an easier transition when going from outside to inside, especially when hosting gatherings. 


A Place To Gather!

You don’t have to spend much to enjoy your time outside. Simply having a place to gather is what is important. You can vamp up your outdoor living space with new deck furniture, an outdoor rug, some tables, and a few seasonal plants to bring your space to life.