Much of what we love about what we do as real estate agents is being able to work with such wonderful people as we help them during the process of buying or selling their home. Through this process, we get to hear such amazing stories about their family, their stories, and for Sellers that we work work, we get to hear about their home, their favorites about the area where they have lived, and the memories they created while living in the home.

Let’s check in with the Sellers about what they said about their home at 7804 Sandy Bottom Way in Raleigh, North Carolina

Q: What are your favorite things about the area that you live in?

A: Accessibility to two different shopping centers, and it’s walking distance to Lake Lynn. Great neighborhood that is refilling with families and lots of kids. Great place for our Grandchildren to visit.

Q: What are your top 5 favorite features of your home?

A: I loved the kitchen with the high end appliances and its openness. The deck that became totally secluded in the spring and summer, great for children to play on.

Q: Name the best restaurants, shops and go-to places around your home?

A: Margaux’s, Despina’s Café, Gonzo, Sola Café, Zest

Q: If you could pick up one part of your home and take it with you, which part of the home would it be and why?

A: Kitchen because of the great storage and space to work.

Q: We all have our favorite memories of our home — either an event or milestone… Tell us about a favorite memory or milestone that has happened in your home. 

A: Years of wonderful memories have been created in this home.  We’ve entertained guests for elaborate dinner parties, both personally cooked meals as well as having the gatherings catered. There is always plenty of room for either! Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, Engagements, and more.  It’s hard to choose just one as we’ve created many memories here throughout the years.

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